Whorion was formed in 2009 to make metal that crack bones, but at the same time having powerful symphonic elements. The vision was clear – to create a feeling, that the listener was sucked in dark matter of space, slowly waiting for the worlds end..

After few years of composing, training and mastering new style of playing, material started to come together. Whorion was ready to get reinforcements. In the start of 2013 Iiro Illman and Dorian Logue joined the band and the first release was being fired up. Last link were added when Ari Nieminen came across and nailed vocals with deadly blow. Whorion was born and constructed in the way that it was visioned from the start. As the fire burns inside waiting to be released, Whorion is joined by the last member to complete the circle. A man from the colder northern paths….Heikki Saari, A legend in his own trade and one who brings such dynamics to the band.

January 17th 2014 Fall Of Atlas is released and took the band on path where there is no return. Few months after release Whorion was already on United Kingdom to spread the word on headline tour.

2015 Whorion will show that new level has been achieved and band is stronger than ever. Full length “The Reign of the 7th Sector” will strike 24th of April will lead legions towards the unknown.

Ep MKN – Vocals/Guitar/Orchestra
Eero Harsunen – Vocals
Antti Lauri – Guitar
Dorian Logue – Bass/Backing Vocals
Heikki Saari – Drums

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